We love Spain. I don’t know what it is but every time we visit we can’t get over how much we love the people, the food and the beauty of the country. It really makes me wish I had learned Spanish in school. When we found out that Jeronimo & Carolina’s wedding was going to be in Valencia, we were so excited for the opportunity to go back to Spain and also to see a place we haven’t been.

Valencia is beautiful but in a different way than the other Spanish cities we have visited. This is probably the only city in Europe I have been where I prefer the “new” more modern area of the city to the old city, and just looking at the photos you can see why. The old city does have some of the same Spanish charm you see in the other cities of Spain, but I must admit I was turned off by the mass amounts of graffiti you see everywhere. That being said, the longer we spent in Valencia, the more the old city grew on me.

We spent some time in the old city, mostly for our meals, but outside of that we spent a lot of time at the beach soaking up the sun and it was exactly what we needed. We also made several visits to the City of Arts and Sciences, an entertainment and architectural complex designed by the famous architect, Santiago Calatrava. We never actually went inside any of these buildings but they were so impressive we had to get some snapshots both during the day and at night.

Another successful trip to Spain, and definitely not our last.

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